Vintage Brass Beetle Nut Cutter Hand Crafted With Twin Peacocks & Dragons - H 17 cm x W 7cm

Inspired by the Mughal kings and their love for ornate things, this stunning vintage brass Nut Cutter / Cracker is hand crafted with long handles displaying mythological dragons and figures of swans finishing them at the bottom.

The delicately crafted peacocks on either side of the dragon and at the tip of the nut cutter provide the nut cutter its grace and beauty. The triangular blade is used cutting the beetle nut into small pieces.

Used in the mid century by the wives of royalty for cutting beetle nuts into small dices, chewing of the nut or Paan was a ritual and a day long activity. 

A collectors item indeed !

Size : Height 17 cm x Width 7 cm when closed.

Length 28 cm when fully open. 

Material : Brass | Weight 200 grams