Pair Of Traditional Kerala Kuthira Vilakku Horse Head Oil Lamps . Ht 13 cm x Dia 11 cm

Kuthira Vilakku – Heritage pair of Kerala oil lamps with a serpent design and heads of a horse.
Displaying the rich and ancient culture of South India, these vintage lamps are handcrafted and designed on the principle of gravitation so that the lamps do not rotate in any direction and return to their original position when hung on chains.

Considered highly auspicious during the festival of “Parayazhunallathu”, worshippers carry these lamps in front of elephants and are considered as vehicles through which the divine can be accessed.

Brass oil Lamps in India are used in rituals as well as religious or temple settings in order to propitiate the gods and play a pivotal role allowing the faithful to focus their concentration on the image or nature of the deity as the preservation of light signifies the deity's presence.

Each lamp measures:
Height 13 cm x Diameter 11 cm

Weight: 1.35 Kilograms for the pair.