Vintage Annam| Hamsa Kuthu Vilakku - Handcrafted Brass Oil Lamp With 5 Diyas - Ht 52 cm x Dia 19 cm

From our Vintage Collection - Handcrafted from excellent quality brass, this vintage oil lamp or brass Kuthu Vilakku with an exquisitely crafted Annam or Hamsa - A mythological bird in all its glory with 5 grooves or spouts for lighting the wicks dipped in oil. 

Mounted on an elegantly crafted slim brass traditional pillar or stem known as Karanais with smooth contours and a large base , this exquisite vilakku is handcrafted by artisans from the South of India. 

Annam or Hamsa in Sanskrit is a mythical Indian bird which is often compared to the modern day Swan in looks. Legend says that an Annam could separate pure milk from a mixture of milk and water. Hence, it has long served as a symbol of purity and divine knowledge in Indian philosophy and literature

Deepam or Vilakkus as they are traditionally called, are usually handed over from one generation to the next signifying as per the Hindu tradition, the moving from darkness of life into light bringing joy and prosperity to all. 

Measures: Height 52 cm with a bottom diameter of 19 cm and the top diameter holding the  lamps measuring 12 cm. 

Weight: 2.250 kilograms 

Note: The vilakku can be unscrewed by moving it anticlockwise into 4 parts for ease of storing when required. ( The bird , 5 spouted diya, the stem and the base) .