Vintage 4 Clover Design Wooden Spice Box With 5 Round Compartments - L 35 cm x W 23 cm x H 8 cm

Vintage 4 clover design handmade wooden spice box with 5 semi circular and round compartments and a lid with a handle. 

Handcrafted from local yet hardy wood and more than 50 years old, this wooden spice box has been crafted by the tribal community residing at the borders of Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh and was used by the women to store mainly fresh whole and powdered spices in the kitchen.

The box has 5 rounded compartments each with a diameter of 11 cm x  cm deep and a lid to keep the box closed.

The Wooden spice box measures :  Length 35 cm x Width 23 cm x Height 8 cm and has 5 semi cirucular and round compartments measuring 11 cm dia x  cm deep.

Weight 1.5 kilograms