Vintage Wooden Spice Box With 6 Compartments - L 31 cm x W14 cm x H10 cm

Charm your guests with this Vintage handmade Spice box with 6 square compartments and a lid with intricate engravings .

Handcrafted from local yet hardy wood and more than 70 years old, this rare wooden box has been crafted by the tribal community residing at the borders of Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh and was used by the women to store mainly fresh whole and powdered spices in the kitchen.

The box has 6 almost square compartments measuring , a sliding lid and a metal clasp style locking device to keep the box closed.

Use the box for offering traditional sweet and tangy digestives to family members and guests after a heavy meal which is also an Indian custom in most Indian households or simply as a spice box as shown. 

The Wooden box measures :  Length 31 cm x Width 14 cm x Height 10 cm  and has 6 square compartments. 

Weight 1.5 kilograms 

Care: Keep the box dry and simply rub with a soft dry cloth for keeping the shine of the wood.