3 Faced Lord Ganesha Buddhist Ritual Tantric Dorje Dagger

This is a vintage 3 faced Lord Ganeshan Tibetan buddhist ritual tantric 3-faced iron phurba dorje knife dagger often called the "Magic Dagger". 

The Phurba is a symbolic weapon that cuts through hatred and stabs demonic obscurations. The three-sided style of the Phurba comes from an ancient vedic tool used to pin down sacrifices and its three segments represent the power of the phurba to transform negative energies. These energies are known as the 'three poisons,' and are attachment, ignorance, and aversion.

The three sides of the phurba also represent the three spirit worlds, and the phurba itself represents the axis of the three spirit worlds bringing them together. The handle of the phurba represents 'wisdom', while the blade represents 'method'.

Measures 32 cm in length and weighs 950 grams.