Vintage Traditional Brass Urli From Kerala - Diameter 32 cm x Ht 10 cm

Decorate your living spaces with this exquisite vintage brass urli / vessel using flowers and petals along with floating diyas and candles.

Handcrafted using the lost wax process of metal casting by artisans from Kerala, South India, the Uruli has been, traditionally a cooking utensil extensively used in South of India and was commonly made of clay, copper and bronze. The name Uruli is derived from the Tamil word "Urulai" [உருளை] which means a round bowl.
Urlis were used in home for cooking and also in Ayurvedha to make medicines.

Now brass Urlis as they are popularly known are used as a decorative vessels to float flowers and candles especially at the entrance of your home and especially during festivals and religious occasions as considered to be highly auspicious.

Measures: Dia 32 cm x Height 10 cm

Weight: 4.050 kilograms