Handcrafted Vintage Wood Sculpture of Shiva - Protector of The Universe.H 47 cm x W 25 cm x D 6 cm

Majestic vintage wooden sculpture of Shiva - protector of the universe sculpted from soft and delicate raintree wood found in most States of south India with a dark charcoal finish.

Inspired by temple architecture of South India, this sculpture of Lord Shiva shows him sitting on a lotus flower in the Abhay Mudra posture under an exquisitely crafted temple prabhavali known as the Halo. 

Handcarved from a single block of wood with fine detail by master craftsmen from Tamil Nadu , South of India where the art of handcrafting and carving idols in wood is legendary and still being practised since centuries as per tradition.

In Hinduism and as per Indian Mythology, Shiva is one of the most important gods and known as the destroyer of evil whose powers are used to cleanse the world of negativity. Shiva is the Supreme being who creates, protects and transforms the universe.

Height 47 cm x Width 25 cm x Depth 6 cm
Weight: 1.90 kilograms
Material used: Local wood and dark polish.