Heritage Hand Painted Wooden Jali Frame With Idol Of Lord Krishna - Height 44 cm x Width 40 cm

From our Heritage Collection - Exquisite Vintage Jali ( Mesh)  wall hanging frame in vibrant colours carved out of local soft mango wood featuring a Jharoka style canopy frame within adorned with a beautifully hand crafted brass idol of Lord Krishna mounted on red raw silk. 

Artisans from Rajasthan are renowned for their skill of carving in soft mango wood and then hand painting them with local floral designs, motifs and vibrant colours using vegetable dyes displaying the colourful beauty and century old traditions of their state and legacy of the Moghul kings. 

Lord Krishna is one of the most popular of hindu deities and as per mythology, is the God of compassion and love. 

One can find such carvings or Jali work in most monuments, Jharokas, royal palaces in marble, stone and wood all across the state of Rajasthan, India. 

Measures: Height of frame is 44 cm x width 40 cm

Weight: 2.50 kilograms