Handwoven Pure Cotton Indigo Scarf with Batik Print - Length 260 cm x Width 95 cm

This lovely Indigo batik print handwoven scarf or stole is crafted from 100% organic cotton by artisans of a small village in the state of Rajasthan, Northern India.

Hand woven on the loom, the scarf is hand block printed using all natural indigo, vegetable and mineral dyes following age old traditions of printing and dyeing.

Considered most graceful, Batik is a textile art that includes a precise method of applying dye to fabric, usually cotton or silk. The apparels are designed by coating the cloth with wax and then dyeing it. The wax covered area hold on to their original colours; thus creating a splendid looking contrast between the dyed and un-dyed regions

The beautiful tassels are all handmade and dyed in blue perfectly matching the Indigo stole making it even more elegant.

Size of scarf / stole: Length 220 cm x width 90 cm

Washing Instructions: Dry Clean Only. Do not add chlorine or bleach. Do not use hot iron.