Wooden Blue Frame With Brass Deep Lakshmi On Flame Orange Raw Silk. Ht 27 cm x W 22 cm

This exquisite frame handmade from mango wood with the brass idol of Deep Lakshmi holding an oil lamp is painted in sky blue colour mounted on flame orange raw silk by artisans from Rajasthan.

The goddess is a harbinger of good fortune and when the sun goes down, its the light or 'Prakash' of the deep that provides us the wealth of brightness or Lakshmi, bringing joy, celebration, knowledge and life signifying the 'ray of light' inspiring us towards progress.

The wooden frame measures:

Height 27 cm x Width 22 cm.

The brass idol is 10 cm tall .

Weight: 650 Grams 

Note: The frame has been provided with a adjustable hook at the back to use as a wall hanging.