Vintage Square Brass Condiment | Spice Box With 4 Compartments & Nut Cracker - 13 cm Square x H 9 cm

Charm your guests with this handcrafted brass condiment or spice box with 4 square compartments and an old fashioned lid with a ring and a latch accompanied by a vintage brass nut cracker. 

This vintage box with fine clean straight lines on the sides and the cover is perfect for storing spices in your kitchen just like Grandma used to or simply for offering of After meal digestives to your guests.  

The brass nut cracker makes the ideal accompaniment to this box. 

The box has 4 square compartments, a cover or lid with a ring, the latch and sits on 4 short curved legs. 

The box measures : 

Length 13 cm x Width 13 cm x Height 9 cm  and has 4 compartments measuring 6 cm x 6 cm each.

Length of box when fully open is 17 cm. 

The brass nutcracker measures 13 cm in length. 

Weight: 600 Grams 

Note: Price is for both items - The brass box and the nut cracker. Does not include the condiments shown.