Framed Hand Crafted Dokra Tribal Jewellery In Brass

Dokra is one of the most famous art forms amongst some aboriginal tribes of eastern India and involves making craft forms using hollow and molten metal.

The jewellery in this wooden frame with a green border inside represents their fine craftsman ship displaying earrings, hair pins, parts of a necklace, pendants etc. all handcrafted in brass. 

The tribes were initially nomadic in nature, but later on settled down on the planes of Bengal, Orissa and Madhya Pradesh primarily to continue channelizing their craftsmanship in making tribal jewellery, natural themed figurines of plants and animals and the non-Vedic gods that they worshipped.

Frame measures: 33 cm length x 25 cm wide 

Weight: 700 grams

Number of pieces of Jewellery: 29