Vintage Hand Crafted Brass Smoking Pipe / Chillum With Peacock Design

Delicatley hand crafted smoking pipe or "Chillum" as is popularly known in India made from soild brass with an exquisite peacock design by artisans from the city of Aligarh, India.

The cone shaped cup over the pipe on top of the peacock is where the tobacco is filled and smoked through the end of the pipe which has a small hole for sucking once the pipe is lit. 

This vintage brass "Chillum" dates back centuries but one can still find it in use near religious destinations by sadhus, religious priests especially during festivals though the modern ones are made from clay, wood metal and the like.

Pipe Measures: Length 25 cm x height 11 cm x pipe dia 6 cm 

Weight: 700 grams