Vintage Banjara Clutch Bag with Coins

This clutch bag is crafted from hand embroidered vintage mirror work patches made over 80 years ago by tribal Rabari women. Rabari or gypsy women would hand embroider beautiful textiles using tiny mirrors, coins, beads and threads as part of their trousseau and for other significant items including cradles and wall hangings. 

Crafted from these very textiles, this envelope clutch has intricate patches in beautiful traditional colors. The clutch has a magnetic button closure and is lined with cotton silk. It also features multiple zipper compartments and a thin leather strap. 

Size: 11" (width) X 7.5" (height)

Please note, this item is handmade from start to finish using ancient tribal techniques. Some mirror may be found missing from the bag which we believe adds to the vintage charm and exclusivity of the product. No two bags can ever be the same.

Cleaning instructions: To maintain the vintage finish of this item, please dust using a dry cloth. Do not use bleach or any cleaning liquids or powders.