Heritage Brass Mukhalingam | Face of Parvati - Indian Goddess of Purity : Frame 40 cm x 36 cm

This is a very old vintage brass face sculpture of Goddess Gauri known as the Gauri Mukhalingam casted in brass by skilled artisans from the South of India and part of our Heritage collection at The Indian Weave.

In Hinduism, one of the most important goddesses is Gauri, also known as Parvati and wife of lord Shiva - the destroyer of evil whose powers are used to cleanse the world of negativity.

Parvati is the Hindu goddess of fertility, love and devotion as well as of divine strength and power. She is the gentle and nurturing aspect of the Hindu goddess Shakti and one of the central deities of the Goddess-oriented Shakta sect.

Lingams have been worshipped for thousands of years as a representation of Shiva and Parvati / Gauri and the art form eventually evolved to include cast metal lingam covers known as "Mukhalingams", as powerful and venerated as the objects they covered and literally translates as 'lingams with a face.

Framed within a 2 inch thick gold frame on black silk fabric, the Mukhalingam measures:

Frame: Height 40 cm x Width 36 cm 

Parvati face: Height 16 cm x Width 12 cm 

Weight: 950 grams

Care: Please do not use any chemicals.

Shipping : We ship via India speed post. For express delivery through DHL / Fedex, please write to us for additional charges at: theindianweave@gmail.com