Heritage Brass Shivling With the Snakes Hood And The Nandi Bull - Length 8 cm x Height 9cm x Base 5x5cm

From our heritage collectionShiva Lingam-yoni covered above by the Naga hood ( Snakes Hood ) , Nandi the bull sits below. 

Shivling or Shiva lingam as is popularly known, is the state of eternity and the symbolic idol of Lord Shiva - the Creator. 

Handcrafted by skilled artisans from the south of India, this shivling of Lord Shiva is represented in the phallus form where the shivling symbolizes the primeval energy of the Creator.

The Nandi bull is the vehicle for Lord Shiva and is the bearer of truth and righteousness.

At the end of all creations and during the great deluge, it is said that all the different aspects of God are believed to find a resting place in the Shivling and as per hindu mythology, the Shivling is also a representation of the infinite Cosmic Column of fire. 

Measures: Length 8 cm x Height 9 cm with a base of 5x5cm square.

Note: Due to the antique nature & age of this product, you will find slight irregularities which only add to the mystique of this item and makes it unique.