Heritage Brass Urli With Long Handle - Length 45 cm x Diameter 15 cm

From our Heritage collection - Uruli'(உருளி) is a traditional cookware extensively used in South India. It is also pronounced as Urli and commonly made of brass, clay, copper or bronze. The name Uruli is derived from the Tamil word "Urulai" which means a round bowl used at home for cooking.

Originally  Varpu or Urli was a large cauldron and was also used to make Ayurveda Medicines and meals during festivals in homes and temples. As these vessels were shallow they were perfect for making medicine as one need to churn the same to keep the temperature even and is believed some of the metal reacted with the herbs making them more potent.  

The Round Urlis now have re-emerged as decorative items in the foyers of homes and hotels across India with beautiful designs made from flowers welcoming you with floral smiles. 

This is a rare brass Urli with a long handle from the South of India crafted by artisans following age old traditions in making kitchen utensils from metals.

Measures: Length - 45 cm x Diameter of Urli- 15 cm.

Length of the handle - 30 cm

Weight - 1050 Grams