Heritage Handcrafted Horse Head Oil Lamp From South Of India - Height 19 cm

This is definitely a Collectors item and a fine work of South Indian craftsmanship of a Horse head oil lamp made from pure brass metal with the Lost wax method, an art which is 5000 years old. 

The lost wax casting from the city of Mannar in South India is famous for its fine metal craft and for its bell metal which is a bronze alloy made from stuff strong enough to withstand lightning.

Now, only a few hundred families are involved in the trade, and secrets, skills, figures and calculations are passed down sacredly, from one generation to the next…”

Lost Wax Process: The process starts with a clay core shaped to approximately resemble the final image which is then covered by a layer of soft wax, on which intricate details are delicately sculpted. The wax model is then covered by layers of fine clay. Drain ducts are left for the wax, which melts away when the clay is baked, thus creating a mould for the metal that will be poured inside it.

The molten metal is poured in and hardens between the core and the inner surface of the mould. As the metal fills the mould, it takes the shape of the wax. The outer lay of clay is then chipped off and the golden sculpture is revealed and placed on the lathe to be hand-finished.

The completed moulds are heated in open-ground ovens using cow-dung cakes as fuel. Molten wax coming out through the drain ducts is collected in a vessel containing water, and can be reused after any foreign matter is removed. The molten metal is poured in after the mould has been skilfully buried and supported in the ground. Hard coconut shells are placed over the openings to prevent the entry of impurities.


Height 19 cm | Diameter of the round base 16 cm 

The horse measures 16 cm. 

Weight : 1.300 kilograms

Care: Please do not use any harsh chemicals and just use a soft cloth to clean.