Sarangi - Indian String and Bow Musical Instrument

The sārangī  is a bowed, short neck string instrument used in Indian classical music and is said to most resemble the sound of the human voice.  

The word Sarangi as per folklore means "a hundred (sau) colours (rang)".  The reference to the multiplicity of colours is often said to refer to the richness of the sound of the instrument.  

Sarangi is an unfretted, bowed Indian instrument, which has a bridge resting on skin or a membrane or paper of good quality as shown.

This Sarangi is made from bamboo and terracotta with a metal string and has the bridge resting on paper membrane wrapped around a hollowed out terracotta pot.

The street musician can still be seen selling this Sarangi playing favourite Bollywood songs in the small towns and villages of northern India.

Accompanied by 2 string bows for different sounds. Please raise the small rectangular piece of bamboo under the string in the middle of the round circle on the paper as shown in the picture prior to play to tighten the string.

To see a video of a Sarangi player in a Indian fair courtsey Kunzum cafe, please click on the link below.