Magnificent Brass Sculpture of Lord Rama - The Supreme Being. Height 18 cm x Width 10 cm

This is a magnificent sculpture of Rama or Ram also known as Ramachandra, a major deity of Hinduism, handcrafted in solid brass with a beautiful patina finish displaying a hunting stance determined by the arrows in the Quiver crafted at the back of the sculpture.

Ram is one of the most worshipped gods in India and is 7th avatar of Lord Vishnu, one of his most popular incarnations along with Krishna and as per tradition, considered the Supreme Being.

Rama was born in Ayodhya and his siblings were Lakshmana, Bharat and Shatrughna. He married Sita. Though born in a royal family, he lived in exile under impoverished and difficult circumstances, ethical questions and moral dilemmas.

Of all their travails, the most notable is the kidnapping of Sita by demon-king Ravana followed by the determined and epic efforts of Rama and Lakshmana to gain her freedom and destroy the evil Ravana against great odds.

The entire life story of Rama, Sita and their companions allegorically discusses duties, rights and social responsibilities of an individual. It illustrates Dharma and living through model characters.


Height 18 cm x Width 10 cm 

Weight: 900 Grams