Magnificent Pair Of Buddha Hands Handcasted In Bronze In Vitkara Mudra Gesture - L 23 cm

Magnificent pair of Buddha's Hands in the gesture known as the "Vitarka Mudra" casted in pure bronze metal with an antique dark brown and gold patina .

The thumb and index finger touch each other representing the gesture of discussion and transmission of buddhas teachings also called the Mudra of Teaching or Instruction. This hand gesture is also believed to enable the energy of Buddha's knowledge to be transferred to a person without being stopped or slowed by an individual's fear.

The hands are beautifully embossed with motifs in the center of each palm and the ornate design which is the bracelet, is simply exquisite.

The hands can be mounted on any wall surface with the wire hook behind the palm and can also be used as door pulls by removing the wire insert.

Measures: Length 23 cm x Width 7 cm x Height 13 cm

Weight of both hands: 600 grams .