Majestic Brass Prabhavali Sculpted With Lord Ganesha And His Vahan - The Mouse. Height 32 cm x Width 32 cm

Inspired by the famous temple architecture of South India, Lord Ganesha - God of wisdom and prosperity is seated within a exqusite brass prabhavali sculpted with 16 figures of the Mouse - The Vahan or vehicle of Lord Ganesha , handcrafted by skilled artisans.

As per hindu mythology, Ganesha and his vahan is able to go into nooks and corners of the world to carry out his mission as the destroyer of obstacles and one who can pass through tiny holes and narrow pathways, even in the darkness of night. This gives the quality of all-pervasiveness to Ganesha.

Each symbol in the Ganesha's 4 hands is viewed as a reminder to manifest the powers held within us with the posture displaying fearlessness and symbolizing Ganeshas blessings and protection on a person's journey through life, especially the spiritual one.

The prabhavali wall hanging measures: Height 32 cm x Width 32 cm 
The Ganesha idol measures: Height 13 cm x Width 9 cm x Depth 4 cm  

Weight of the prabhavali: 2.95 Kilograms

Weight of the Ganesha: 850 Grams


  • The prabhavali is provided with a hook at the back to use as a wall hanging.
  • The idol of Ganesha has a groove at the bottom to keep it seated firmly on the bar of the prabhavali as shown in the pictures.