Majestic Brass Sculpture Of The Dancing Lord Shiva With 10 arms. Height 45 cm

Majestic brass sculpture of the dancing Lord Shiva with 10 arms - Hindu god of destruction handcrafted with a beautiful antique green patina. 

Shiva in this statue, is shown in full dance posture with a stunning halo known as the siraschakra behind his head and his 8 arms spread out like the sun. 

In his 8 hands he holds a water vessel, a club, a double dorje, beads or mala, a noose, flame, a conch and a dorje bell. The right leg is raised and his left firmly planted on an exquisitely crafted lotus.

Shiva or auspicious one is one of the main deities of hinduism and as per Hindu mythology is the destroyer and also the restorer, an ascetic symbol of sensuality, the benevolent herdsman of souls and the wrathful avenger. 

Height 45 cm x Width 32 cm x Depth 13 cm 

Weight: 2.30 Kilograms