Majestic Buta Kola - Dancers Brass Headpiece in form of Panjurli Boar Spirit Deity . D 24 cm x W 27 cm x Ht 24 cm

Majestic Dancer's headpiece in the form of Panjurli (boar spirit deity) handcrafted in solid brass with a rich patina by artisans from Karnataka.

Known as Buta Kola - An Animist form of Spirit worship from the coastal districts of Tulu Nadu and some parts of Malenadu of Karnataka and Kasargod in Northern Kerala, India.

būta kōla or nema is typically an annual ritual performance where local spirits or deities (būtas, daivas) are being channelised by ritual specialists from certain scheduled castes such as the Nalike, Pambada, or Parawa communities.

The dance is highly stylized and held in honor of the local deities worshiped by the Tulu speaking population. It has influenced Yakshagana folk theatre and is closely related to Theyyam from neighbouring Malayalam speaking populations.


Depth 24 cm  x Width 27 cm x Height 24 cm 

Weight: 3.55 Kilograms