Majestic Sculpture Of Lord Vishu & Lakshmi With Vahan Garuda. Ht 30 cm x W 23.5 cm x D 9 cm

This majestic brass sculpture handcrafted by artisans from south India captures Vishnu and Lakshmi being carried by Vishnu's vehicle, the eagle King, Garuda.

Garuda is seen kneeling with his wings stretched wide and his hands supporting the legs of Vishnu and Lakshmi as their weight is carried on his shoulders and ready for flight.  Garuda is in human form and symbolises man's devotion to the deities. 

As per hindu mythology, Vishnu, the Vedic god of sacrificial rituals, came to be Narayana, when 'puranas' associated with him his Shakti, namely, Lakshmi, who bestowed wealth and fortune.
Height 30 cm x Width 23.5 cm x Depth 9 cm 
Weight : 5.750 kilograms 


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