Nilavilakku - Traditional Vintage Brass Lamp From South India. Height 65 cm x Dia 22 cm

Handcrafted by skilled artisans from the south of India, this is a vintage traditional brass lamp known as Nilavilakku with 7 spouts to light the wicks dipped in oil.

The Nilavilakku is integral to all the rituals and ceremonies in mostly all homes in the south of India especially Kerala and is an inevitable part of Hindu religious ceremonies. 

As dusk creeps in, young girls belonging to the Hindu families bring the lighted Nilavilakku lamps to the verandah of the house where In the flickering light of these lamps,  she is joined by the children and elders of the family, especially the grandparents, chanting hymns and evening prayers.

Lighting the nilavilakku on occasions to mark the beginning and for its success is considered higly auspicious and are also know to play an important role at the presentation of various art forms performed at night in the light of such traditional lamps.


Height 65 cm . The diameter of the base of the lamp and the top with 7 spouts is 22 cm each. 

Weight: 5.4 kilograms