Ornate Brass Buddha In Sitting Position With Beautifully Decorated Robes

This beautifully highly detailed hand casted Buddha statue in brass has ornately decorated robes.

Hand crafted by artisans from Northern India, the Buddha in the pose is called the Medicine Buddha where the right hand is held facing downward with fingers extended toward the ground, palm facing outward toward the viewer and a bowl of herbs rests in the left hand upon the lap.

It is believed that the Buddha was responsible for delivering the knowledge of medicine to the people of the world, and in fact the right hand facing outward signifies "granting a boon" (meaning, giving a blessing) to mankind. 

The Medicine Buddha is venerated by those seeking health, and is more commonly found in the Buddhist temples and communities of India, Nepal and Tibet.

Measures: Height 18 cm x width 14 cm

Weight: 1100 grams