Ornate 22 cm Tall Brass Deer Shape Hair Bun Pins - Set of 2

Pair of exquisite deer shape hairbun pins hand crafted in brass with delicate engravings. 

Now part of an elaborate hairstyle or hairbun, the earliest evidence for dressing the hair is seen in carved "venus figurines" with creation of different hairstyles, especially among women and the evergreen Hairpin seems to be common to all cultures and periods and in many past and current, societies.

Hairpins may be made of metal, ivory, bronze , wood or brass and were used in ancient Assyria and Egypt for securing decorated hairstyles and hair buns. 

In Han Chinese culture, when young girls reached the age of fifteen, they were allowed to take part in a rite of passage known as "ji li" or “hairpin initiation” marking their coming of age as young women at the age of fifteen and were then allowed to style their hair as buns secured and embellished by hairpins.

Measures: Length 22 cm with horns . Horn length 11.5 cm 

Weight : 250 grams 

Price includes a set of 2 hair bun pins.