Panchmukhi Ganesha | Five Faced Vinayak. Height 12 cm x Width 10 cm

Pancha Mukhi Ganesha with five faces is important in tantric worship making it one of the most popular of the 32 forms of Ganesha. 

This form of Ganesha is considered the exemplification of all potencies as per hindu mythology, the benefits of keeping this idol at home increases by five folds as each head of Panchmukhi Ganesha stands for five sheaths or pancha koshas including Pranamaya, Annamaya, Vijnanamaya, Manomaya, and Anandamaya.

Annamaya kosha: The flesh body made of matter

Pranamaya kosha: The breath or energy body

Manomaya kosha: The mental body

Vighnnamaya kosha: The body of the Upper Consciousness

Anandamaya kosha: The body of Cosmic 

Worshipping this Idol of Ganesha is considered to be most auspicious as it evokes the power to regulate the five senses which include renunciation, divine love , affection , authenticity and brave action. 


Height 12 cm x Width 10 cm .

The rectangular base measures : 8.5 x 5.5 cm 

Weight: 1.10 kilograms .