Radha - Hindu Goddess And Lover of Lord Krishna. 27 cm Tall & 11 cm Wide

Radha also called Radhika or Radhe, is a Hindu goddess popular and the lover of the Hindu god Krishna in the medieval era. She is also a part of Shaktism - the Hindu goddess tradition, and considered an Avatar of Goddess Lakshmi

The Sanskrit term Rādhā (Sanskrit: राधा) also means “prosperity, success 

Radha is worshipped particularly by Vaishnavas in West Bengal, Assam and Odisha and considered a metaphor for the soul, her longing for Krishna theologically seen as a symbolism for the longing for spirituality and the divine.

She has inspired numerous literary works, and her Rasa Lila dance with Krishna has inspired many a dancer.

Measures: 27 cm tall x 11 cm wide on a pedestal of diameter measuring 10 cm . 

Weight: 1.95 kilograms