Set of 2 - Knife Crafted Paintings by M.A.Zafar

A stunning set of 2 Miniature framed paintings by renowned artist M.A.Zafar who has been recently facilitated by the Honorable Chief Minister of Maharashtra and has won laurels during his exhibitions not only in India but all across Europe as well.

Using no brushes and only the knife for painting with acrylic paints, M.A.Zafar has mastered the Turban in all its glory making his paintings majestic and rustic yet potraying royalty.

Painting 1: Man with his majestic beard and a vibrant Indigo turban.

Painting 2: Royalty - Woman with a gold earning and a beautiful hot pink turban. 

Size of actual painting: 11 cm x 11 cm 

Frame: 22 cm x 22 cm

Shipping: We ship through India International speed post which normally takes 10 to 12 days for delivery.