7 Musical Copper Bells Mounted On Carved Wood Handcrafted By Tribals From Kutch - L 54 cm x W 17 cm

7 beautifully handmade iron and copper bells each mounted individually with a wooden pillar on a carved wooden board. 

They are also known as NOAH Bells with each bell having its own distinctive sound full of melody and pleasant to the ears when struck.

Each bell is completely hand made with its own sound and is crafted from recycled metal and some copper using century old tradition of bell making and  passed on from one generation to the next by a tiny community who still practise this art in a village in Kutch District.

The bells which have been mounted on the board were traditionally used by shepherds to tend their flock where each shepherd has his own sound of the bells to identify his herd. 

There are 7 bells in all mounted on the rectangular board accompanied by 2 wooden hand crafted strikers to play the most pleasant and soothing sounds from  each bell when struck lightly.

The largest one measures 14 cm in length with a dia of 9 cm. The smallest one measures 6 cm in length with a dia of 4 cm.

The rectangular board with carving measures : Length 54 cm x Width 17 cm 

Weight: 2.5 kilograms

The rectangular board with floral motifs is made from local hard wood and finished with a natural polish. The bells too have a natural finish though have been finished with copper and gold dyes and colours to avoid rust and for that old world rustic charm.

Care: keep away from water or too much moisture to avoid rust.