Set of Majestic Brass Chowki With Elephant Legs & Brass Urli - Chowki 23 cm Dia x 22 cm | Urli 24 cm Dia

This is a perfect combination of a majestic brass Chowki from the South of india delicately engraved with traditional Indian floral motifs supported on 3 legs in the shape and form of beautifully crafted triple elephant heads with ears , tusks and elephant feet along with a handcrafted brass Urli measuring 24 cm in diameter. 

Found in royal households and affluent Hindu homes, such chowkis were used as a base for keeping Urlis or statues of Gods at the entrance of the home. 

The Uruli was a traditional cookware extensively used in South India and was commonly made of clay, copper and bronze. The name Uruli is derived from the Tamil word "Urulai" [உருளை] which means a round bowl. Urlis were used in home for cooking and in Ayurvedha to make medicines.

Now brass Urulis or Urlis as they are popularly known are used as a decorative bowls to float flowers with candles during festivals and special occasions.

Chowki: Measures:  23 cm in diameter with a height of 22 cm. Distance between each of the 3 legs is 30 cm.

Weight of Chowki : 5.1 kilograms 

The Urli: Measures: Dia 24 cm x Height 8 cm. Weight: 2.70 kilograms

Total weight of both items: 7.8 Kilograms 

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