Shiva As Dakshinamurti - Primeval Guru Of Wisdom, Music, Yoga & Shastra. Ht 22 cm x W 15 cm x D 14 cm

Shiva as Dakshinamurti is conceived of as the primeval Guru of wisdom, music, yoga and hindu scriptures - The shastra.

Dakshinamurti is depicted with four arms. He holds a Damaru and Agnishikha in his top left and right hands respectively. His lower right hand carries an Akshamala (rosary) with index finger touching the thumb and other three fingers outstretched, in a gesture known as Gyan Mudra. He holds shastra in his lower left hand that rests on his knee.

Shiva’s right foot is firmly placed on Apasmara, personification of ignorance and his left foot lays folded over his lap.

His hair is tied up in a Jatamakuta fashioned as crown that bears skull, snake, crescent moon and Ganga.

He is seated on a rock under a Banyan tree and four sages are shown sitting at his feet receiving Vyakhyana (narration) and Upadesha (instruction) on supreme knowledge.

Dakshinamurti is a supremely blissful form of Shiva brimming with absolute knowledge and wisdom.

Measures : Height 22 cm x Width 15 cm x Depth 14 cm 
Weight : 2.90 Kilograms