The Mythical Garuda - King Of Birds & Vehicle Of Lord Vishnu - Height 22 cm x Width 13 cm

The Majestic Garuda - King of Birds and the Vahan | Vehicle of Lord Vishnu has been hand crafted in brass by skilled artisans from the South of India in a dark patina and gold finish. 

The Garuda is a legendary divine eagle like sun bird in Hindu, Budhist and Jain Mythology. He is also the vehicle mount (vahana) of the Hindu god Vishnu, a dharma-protector and Astasena in Buddhism, and the Yaksha of the Jain Tirthankara 

Garuda is shown either as a man with wings and some bird features. and a protector with power to swiftly go anywhere, ever watchful and an enemy of the serpent. He is also known as Tarkshya and Vynateya.

As per Hindu mythology, the Garuda is a creature  in the epics whose wing flapping can stop the spinning of heaven, earth and hell and is invoked as a symbol of impetuous violent force, of speed, and of martial prowess. 

Garuda's links to Vishnu – the Hindu god who fights injustice and destroys evil in his various avatars to preserve dharma, has made him an iconic symbol of king's duty and power, an insignia of royalty or dharma. His eagle-like form is shown either alone or with Vishnu, signifying divine approval of the power of the state.

 He is found on the faces of many early Hindu kingdom coins with this symbolism, either as a single headed bird or a three-headed bird that watches all sides.

Measures: Height 22 cm x Width 13.5 cm . Diameter of Pedestal is 8 cm. 

Weight: 1.25 kilograms