Traditional Mask Of A Kathakali Dancer Handmade In Kerala - Height 33 cm x W 23 cm

Traditional Mask of a Kathakali dancer - A traditional dance from the south Indian state of Kerala handcrafted in from marble dust which is then made into a paste, moulded by hand and finally painted in organic colours to provide this 3 D image of the mask.

Embedded in stories from the epics, Ramayana, Mahabharata and from the Puranas, the dance form is believed to have originated in the 16th century.

Kathakali is a highly traditional classical Indian dance-drama, famous and noted for the heavy make-up and stunning costumes of the dancers as seen in the mask. Detailed gestures and well-defined body movements to the tune of playback musicians including a percussionist are some other notable features of the dance.

Elaborate masks, huge fabric skirts and big head-dresses are uniquely used by the performers of Kathakali who themselves are huge in size and girth.

Measures - Height 33 cm x Wide 23 cm 

Weight: 1 kilogram 

Usage: There is a hook provided at the back to hang this mask.