Vintage Tribal Art of A Bastar Tribesman Framed On Raw Silk

The Bastar Tribesman - Bastar art from the region of Chattisgarh, India is one of the richest areas for iron ore deposits. The tribal communities, Gond and Maria catered to the needs of their tribe providing tools for agriculture , cutting , arrow heads and knives for hunting. 

Their skill evolved with time and craft was predominantly recycled iron scrap but with time the tribe started using brass and other metals. 

This figure of a Bastar tribesman is seen wearing a grass skirt and holding a torch in his left hand. The left hand with missing fingers is due to the nature of this figure being very old and adds to the charm of this vintage piece.

Measures : Frame 38 cm Height x 27 cm wide

The sculpture is 16 cm in height and 6 cm wide.

Weight : 600 grams