Vintage 3 Stringed Brass Veena Handcrafted With Peacocks - L 30 x W 10 cm x Ht 12 cm

The sanskrit word Veena (वीणा) in ancient and medieval Indian literature is a generic term for a plucked string musical instrument. 

This exquisite 30 cm long 3 stringed miniature vintage Veena is handcrafted in brass with a light green patina finish,  twin peacocks engraved on the dome and a majestic peacock perched on the edge of the Veena. 

The dome consists of a metal gold finish insert with 3 triangular compartments to store nuts or make up or simply as a art deco piece. 

The Veena is considered to be one of the most popular instruments in Indian classical music and one revered in the Indian culture by its inclusion in the iconography of Saraswati, the Hindu goddess of art and learning, always depicted playing the Veena. 

Measures : Length 30 cm x Width 10 cm x Height 12 cm 

Weight : 1.35 kilograms