Vintage 4 Candelabra Oil Lamp With A Central Peacock Vilakku With 5 Diyas - Height 25 cm x Width 18

Handcrafted by artisans from the South of India, this exquisite vintage oil lamp with 4 candelabras and a beautifully crafted peacock surrounded by a 5 diya Vilakku is a Collectors item.

This Heritage oil lamp found in most homes in the south of India is crafted from excellent quality brass and normally handed down from one gen to the next.        As a tradition, it is lit daily with oil and wicks bringing joy and prosperity and used for prayers during festivals and special occasions.

The peacock signifies grace and beauty and is considered auspicious. 

The lamp is completely collapsible - the peacock, the base , the middle rod and each candelabra can be seperated and easily put back together. 


Height 25 cm x Width 18 cm 

Weight : 1.05 kilograms