Vintage 4 Compartment Brass Tiffin With 2 Tall Spoons & Floral Engraving - 46 cm Tall

This exquisite vintage Tiffin or Dabba with 4 rounded bowls and lids held together with a pair of 36 cm tall brass spoons is handcrafted in excellent quality brass by artisans in Maharashtra, India hand etched / engraved with floral motifs.

The tiffin with bowls, each with its own individual lid is kept together with the help of 2 long handled brass spoons on either side which are inserted into the slots at the top and the bottom and screwed tight with a clockwise motion.

The word “Dabbawala” in the Indian language when literally translated, means “one who carries a box”. “Dabba” means a box (usually a cylindrical tin , brass or aluminium container). So, literally speaking, a Dabba is a box which contains Lunch and has been used by housewives especially in the city of Mumbai making sure their loved ones at work get a healthy home cooked meal when away from home.

The dabbawalas of Bombay ( Mumbai ) have been delivering lunches to working people since the last 125 years in such Tiffins and are recognised worldwide as delivering a Six Sigma level of accuracy ie which means only 1 mistake in 6 million deliveries.

A tiffin normally contains 4 bowls - 1 for the the Indian Bread, 1 for lentils, 1 for the rice and the 3rd for the vegetable or a homemade sweet dish not forgetting handwritten messages found between the covers from a loved one at home.

Measures :

Height 40 cm without the handle and 46 cm with the handle.
Each bowl has a diameter of 16 cm with a base of 9 cm and depth of 6 cm.
Each spoon measures 36 cm .

Total Weight : 2.650 Kilograms

NOTE: To open the tiffin, turn the spoons anti clockwise and take them out from the slots to release the bowls . To close , stack the bowls with their individual lids and finally the cover with the handle. Now insert the spoons back into the slots through the top slot and into the bottom one thus locking the box and the bowls by turningbthe spoons them clockwise till tight.