Vintage 4 Tier Spiral Brass Incense Stick Holder - Height 22 cm x Diameter 7 cm

Exquisite Vintage Brass Incense stick holder with 4 beautifully crafted round spirals with holes to insert the incense sticks in a dark patina and brass finish on a stand.

Used by Buddhist monks in the Tibetan Monasteries and during prayers in temples, this incense stick holder or burner may be used daily in your home or kept just an art deco brass item.  

The holes provided on each of the round spirals with 4 different diameters are for inserting the incense sticks allowing the incense to spread the aroma all around. Light the sticks while doing yoga or meditation of just to spread your choice of aroma at any time of the day.

Measurements in cm : Height 22 cm. 

The 4 round spirals measure: 7 cm , 6 cm , 5 cm and 3 cm with many holes.  

Weight : 650 Grams

Note: It is suggested to keep a larger base under the holder to allow the ashes to fall into it.