Vintage 46 cm Tall Hand Sculpted Wooden Horse Head from Rajasthan In Red, Indigo & Green

This is an exquisite vintage wooden horse bust mounted on a rectangular pedestal henna painted in earthy yet vibrant colours of deep red, indigo blue and forest green displaying beautiful Indian motifs and handcrafted from soft wood called "Odhisan" found in the northern states of India and perfect for this handicraft.

Inspired by the art of applying Henna with intricate designs , this magnificent horse face has been hand painted by the artisans of Jodhpur, Rajasthan using only natural dyes and "colours which are piped through a fine hand held nozzle known as the "Cone painting art" to give it its texture similar to when henna is applied onto the body.

This beautiful collectors item is mounted on a rectangular pedestal hand painted in earthy blue colours and paisley motifs, designs which are traditional and practised by generations which reflect the beauty and culture of the state.

Dimensions: Height 46 cm x Width 20 cm .

The rectangular base measures 16 cm x 10 cm. 

The horse head measures : Height 26 cm x width 20 cm 

Weight : 1.150 kilograms

Care: Use a soft dry cloth to wipe.