Vintage Brass Betel Lime Paste And Traditional Chuna Box With Floral Engraving. Ht 25 cm x Dia 7 cm

This is a stunning vintage and ethnic rare ball shaped Brass Betel Lime Chuna-Dani storage container on a chain with exquisite floral engravings on the cover at both ends.

Handcrafted by artisans from the state of Maharashtra where chewing paan or beetle leaf is a daily ritual, this exquisite container crafted in the shape of a round ball opens in the center and is held together by a brass hook and a chain.

Lime powder or popularly known as Chuna is as a tradition consumed with betel leaves or paan is known to have amazing benefits for health including physical and mental disorders.

Measures: Length of the container with chain: 25 cm and 30 cm when open.

Diameter of the container 7 cm

Weight: 360 Grams