Vintage Brass Kamandal With Mythical Yali Spout. Height 14 cm x Diameter 8.5 cm

Discover the time charm of this traditional Vintage brass Kamandal / vessel crafted with the mythical Yali - A testament to the rich and cultural heritage of India.

The unique shape and design of this Kindi is characterised by a narrow spout that allows water to be poured out in a delicate trickle, preventing wastage and symbolizing the value of resources and holds a deep rooted significance in Indian traditions.

Mostly found in Indian temples, the Kindi plays a vital role in dispensing holy water for ritualistic practices where the gentle flow of water from its spout represents purity and devotion, making it an essential component of religious ceremonies.

Also a symbol of hospitality and welcome. such vessels grace the entrance of heritage households allowing guests to wash their feet before entering the premises signifying  respect and warmth.

The figure of Yali - a mythical creature carved on the spout known for its protective symbolism adds a touch of mystique and grandeur to this Collectible!

Height with handle 19 cm / Height without handle is 14 cm 

The diameter at the mouth is 8.5 cm . Circumference of the vessel is 44 cm.

Weight : 750 Grams

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