Vintage Brass Mythical Yali Nut Cutter - Half Lion Half Horse. Length 22 xm X Width 10 cm

Vintage brass nut cutter hand crafted in the shape of the Mythical Yali - Half horse Half lion

worshipped in the South of India and found sculpted on the pillars in most temples 

Handcrafted from excellent quality brass, the nut cutter is beautifully engraved with 2 handles and a cutter in between. 

Such nut cutters were widely used in the mid century to cut or crack Beetle nut in particular into small pieces for chewing which was a day long activity and eaten by itself or with beetle leaves, stored in a brass box called a "Paan Daan".

Handcrafted by artisans from the South of India, this Yali design nut cutter can be used even today or just as a "conversation starter".

Size : Length 22 cm x width 10 cm when closed.

Weight 650 gms