Vintage Brass Prayer Bell With Lord Hanuman. Height 27 cm x Bell Dia 13 cm

Vintage brass temple bell with a rich deep brown and copper patina used to invoke the Hindu god, Hanuman during the Hindu ritual known as the 'Aarti.'

The bell is crafted with the majestic figure of Lord Hanuman - Son of Vayu, the God of Wind and looked upon by Hindus as the ultimate hero of the epic Ramayana famous for his loyalty and bravery and as one of the greatest devotees of Lord Rama. 

In other words the Vanara who aided Lord Rama in rescuing His Consort, Sita, from the Demon king, Ravana. 

Hand crafted by the skilled artisans from the state of Madhya Pradesh famous for their centuries old traditions in metal casting of temples, hindu dieties and bells, the bell incorporates the enlightening sound of Aum which is the basis of all sounds or notes. The bell is rung with the desire indicating the invocation of divinity so that virtuous and noble forces enter and the demonic and evil forces from within depart.

Measures: Height is 27 cm. Diameter of the bell is 13 cm

The figure of Lord hanuman measures 16 cm atop the bell. 

Weight: 1.450 Kilograms