Vintage Brass Sculpture of Hindu Deity Indra - King Of Heavens. 27 cm Tall x 18 cm Wide

Indra is the supreme deity in the ancient Vedic tradition and both a Hindu and Buddhist also known as the King of the seven heavens, leader of the benevolent Devas and lord of lightening, storms, rain and rivers.  

Here, Lord Indra is shown seated on the ground in a relaxed posture, his extended right arm resting gently above one knee leaning his weight of his left arm wearing a beautifully engraved crown with tassels coming with two large circular earrings.  

His countenance expresses a majestic omniscience that emanates the divine grace and a powerful presence. The copper gilded bronze finish is aged and darkened luxuriantly, harmonised  with a gold and copper finish displaying the skill of the artisans with ornamented engravings  on the jewelled armbands, earrings, necklaces and crown.

Measures: Height 25 cm x Width 18 cm x Depth 13 cm

Weight: 2.7 kilograms