Vintage Hookah | Smoking Pipe Exquisitely Handcrafted In Brass & Wood - 25 cm Tall

Vintage Hookah in Brass and Wood with a wooden smoking pipe and the middle stem. 

Beautifully hand crafted by skilled artisans using centuries old tradition of crafting such Hookahs for the Mughal emperors and royalty in brass and wood with exquisite engravings using Mughal motifs and inscriptions .

The Hookah is a derivative of "huqqa", a Hindi urdu term Hookah and is also known as the Galyān in Persian is a single- or multi-stemmed instrument for vaporizing and smoking flavoured tobacco where the vapor or smoke is passed through a water container before inhalation.

As per Indian history, following the introduction of tobacco to India, the waterpipe was invented by one of Akhbar's physicians, Abu’l-Fath Gilani, in the Indian city of Fatehpur Sikri during the Mughal rule and from where it spread to the Near East and soon gained popularity throughout the world. 

Bring this piece of history into your home with this beautifully handcrafted Hookah. A Collectors item. 


Height 25 cm . Base diameter: 10 cm 

Length of the wooden smoking pipe: 33 cm 

Weight: 1000 grams 

Note: The Hookah is in excellent condition.