Vintage Mid century Deccan Hamsa Brass Candle Holder - Height 21 cm x Dia 8 cm

This charming candle stand | holder in the form of the Hamsa bird has body and wings incised throughout with patterned feathers and his snout like beak forms a spout.

Crafted with a dark patina finish, the flamboyant crest on its head and tail with beautiful contours and fine engraving are handcrafted by skilled artisans from the South of India. 

The hamsa, a mythical bird, is a spiritual symbol representing the perfect balance in life; the word is derived from the exhalation of the Sanskrit sound 'ham' and the inhalation of 'sa' - the creature is associated with the swan or goose. 

Measures: Height 21 cm . Diameter of base 12 cm 

Weight" 1.50 kilograms